FRCEM Primary information

FRCEM Primary FAQ's

When is the next sitting of the FRCEM Primary?

Exam date Application deadline Results date
4th June 2020

Postponed due to Covid-19

20th March 2020 10th July 2020
3rd December 2020 11th September 2020 22nd January 2021

How much does the FRCEM Primary cost?

The FRCEM primary costs £310 to sit in the UK. In other centres the cost is up to £385

What is the pass rate for the FRCEM Primary?

At recent sittings the pass rate has been around 44%

What is the format of the FRCEM Primary?

The FRCEM primary is a 3 hour long paper that contains 180 best of five (single best answer) questions. The number of questions on each topic is shown below

Topic Number of questions
Anatomy 60
Physiology 60
Pharmacology 27
Microbiology 18
Pathology 9
Evidence based medicine 6

Where can i get more information on the FRCEM Primary?

The RCEM has lots of useful information on the FRCEM primary. LInks to their resources are shown in the footer along with other vaulable revision tools.