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Over 5000 SBA's designed to get you through the FRCEM Primary

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FRCEM Primary

Our resource combines over 5000 questions designed to get you through the FRCEM Primary. Our FRCEM Primary Single Best Answer (SBA) question bank has over 2000 questions mapped specifically to the RCEM curriculum. Also included with the FRCEM primary resource is access to the Knowledge tutor designed to boost your underlying medical knowledge with over 3000 test questions

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FRCEM Intermediate

Our FRCEM intermediate SAQ resource contains over 300 SAQ questions based on themes from previous exams and is mapped to the RCEM intermediate syllabus. All questions are accompanied by detailed illustrated teaching notes designed to improve understanding and enhance knowledge retention.

Optimised Learning Environment Key Features

Our core FRCEM primary question bank contains over 2000 Single Best Answer (SBA) questions. Questions are matched to the RCEM syllabus. Content is responsive to user feedback and the new clinical style exam questions. We provide candidates with detailed written explanations supported by visual revision aids. Our textbook feature and growing embedded video aim to enrich the learning experience and maximise knowledge retention! We believe FRCEM tutor is simply the best FRCEM Primary resource on the market today. Updated for 2020!

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Personalised Development
Individual learning tailored to your needs

We appreciate that peoples learning styles differ. FRCEM tutor provides detailed feedback to aid understanding and improve knowledge retention. Many questions feature diagrams, images and embedded video to facilitate visual stimulation and improve learning. Our textbook feature allows doctors to add their own annotations and revision notes for a fully personalised learning experience

Knowledge tutor
The icing on the cake!

In addition to our core FRCEM question bank and textbook features candidates signing up to FRCEM tutor will also get access to the knowledge tutor. The knowledge tutor is designed to test and develop your basic underlying medical knowledge and drill home key concepts with quick fire facts. With over 3200 test questions the knowledge tutor is a high value revision tool

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Mobile first
Enhanced design

Our site is built on mobile first principles and optimised for peak performance across all sizes of device. At FRCEM tutor we believe all our doctors should enjoy a great user experience wherever you are revising

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Performance Analytics
Are you ready to Pass?

Powerful performance analysis allows you to benchmark your performance against fellow doctors who will be sitting the exam. Keep on top of your revision progress and be confident in your preparation for the exam