MRCEM Intermediate SBA information

The MRCEM intermediate SBA came into existence in the second half of 2021 when it replaced the FRCEM intermediate SAQ. It is mapped to the 2021 RCEM curriculum which itself is organised into SLO's (Specialty Learning Outcomes). The MRCEM examinations cover SLO's 1-7 & 9.

How is the syllabus structured? What are SLO's

A SLO (Specialty Learning Outcome) typically describes a broad learning goal that can often be applied to several different parts of the clinical syllabus. As an example SLO 1 is 'Care for physiologically stable adult patients presenting to acute care across the full range of complexity'. The MRCEM information pack advises us that within this SLO the following topics (clinical subcategories) will be examined:

Ear, nose and throat
Elderly care / frailty
Environmental emergencies
Gastroenterology and hepatology
Infectious diseases
Maxillofacial / dental
Mental Health
Musculoskeletal (non-traumatic)
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Oncological Emergencies
Pain & sedation
Pharmacology and poisoning
Surgical emergencies

MRCEM Intermediate FAQ's

When is the next sitting of the MRCEM SBA?

Exam date Application deadline Results date
6th September 2022 25th July 2022 7th October 2022

How much does the MRCEM SBA cost?

The MRCEM (intermediate) SBA costs £335 to sit in the UK.

What is the pass rate for the MRCEM Intermediate SBA?

The exam was only introduced in 2021. Examination reports have not been released as of March 2022

What is the format of the MRCEM Intermediate SBA?

The MRCEM Intermediate SBA consists of 180 single best answer (SBA) questions delivered in two 120 minute papers with 90 questions per paper.

Topic Number of questions
SLO 1: Complex stable patient 55
SLO 3: Resuscitation 40
SLO 4: Injured patient 30
SLO 5: PEM 25
SLO 6: Procedural skills 20
SLO 7: Complex or challenging situations 10

Where can i get more information on the MRCEM (intermediate) SBA?

The RCEM has lots of useful information on the MRCEM SBA. Links to their resources are shown in the footer along with other vaulable revision tools.